We are a full-scale general dentistry located in the heart of Springfield, TN. Our primary goal is to preserve the natural dentition by preventing dental caries and disease. When preventative methods fail, we strive to effectively treat caries and disease in a conservative manner to preserve as much natural tooth, and tooth supporting, structure as possible.

We happily provide services to children, communicably barriered, and intellectually and physically disabled clients. We do everything in our power to provide the best care by adapting to each individual’s needs; no two people are the same! We provide many different services ranging from routine exams and cleanings to implant placements and oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea.

While we do provide many different services, we do take in to account client comfort and time. Sometimes it is in the client’s best interest to be referred to a specialist for a procedure simply because he or she can perform the procedure more quickly and comfortably. We work with the client to ensure that treatment(s) specifically tailored to his or her wants and needs is provided.

We work for you!