Our practice was started by Springfield’s former City Council Alderman Dr. Kenneth Cherry, alumnus of The University of Tennessee College of Dentistry, at 1614 Memorial Boulevard next to Park Circle Market in 1974. After practicing there for several years, Dr. Cherry decided it was time to relocate the practice to a more accommodating location. He purchased the empty lot at 2105 Park Plaza Drive and built his ideal dental office in 1988. When Dr. Cherry was finally ready to retire in 2004, Dr. Richard Faquin, also an alumnus of The University of Tennessee College of Dentistry, purchased the practice and kept the business flowing. He connected well with Dr. Cherry’s established patients and maintained long-term care with most of them until he was ready to retire himself.

Dr. Faquin anticipated his impending retirement and decided to bring another dentist into the practice to work along side him to let the patients become acclimated to the new dentist before he retired. In December of 2014, Dr. Adam Veitschegger, alumnus of The University of Washington School of Dentistry, was brought into the practice. He instantly became an important part of the office dynamic. After five fulfilling years of working under Dr. Faquin and establishing relationships with nearly all existing patients, it was time for Dr. V to become the third generation owner of the practice in July of 2019. Dr. Faquin wasn’t quite ready to fully retire yet and continued to work a few days a week and golf the other few.

In March of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world and Dr. Faquin was forced to make the difficult decision to officially retire. Since then, Dr. V has been the sole dentist practicing at the office. Dr. V still sees many of Dr. Cherry’s previous patients today and loves to hear their stories and admire the work of his predecessors.