Meet the Staff


Adam Veitschegger, D.D.S.

Dr. Adam Veitschegger grew up in Bowling Green, KY, where he graduated first from Greenwood High School, then from WKU in the first graduating class of Mechanical Engineers. He later attended the University of Washington School of Dentistry in Seattle, Washington where he learned about teeth, snowboarding, fish, and beer. After graduation, Dr. V began working with a fellow graduate in the town of Bend, OR, where he met his lovely wife, Stephanie, but his love of “The Glorious South” and his family drove him back to the Nashville area.

After working side-by-side with Dr. Faquin for 5 fulfilling years, falling in love with Springfield and the sweet people who live here, and starting his beautiful family, he was ready to cement his roots and bought the practice from Dr. Faquin in July of 2019. 

Dr. Veitschegger is on the Springfield Board of Zoning & Appeals, a member of the American Dental Association, the Tennessee Dental Association and the Eighth District Dental Society.

Dental Assistants

Theda McGhee, R.D.A.

Theda was born and raised here in Robertson County. She probably knows a few people you’re related to! She is a loving grandmother who can’t live without coffee or tomatoes. In her free time, you can bet she is catching up on her soaps! She has held a position at the office longer than anyone else.

She graduated from Nashville Tech’s Dental Assisting Program in 1985. She began working for Dr. Cherry in 1983 as a technical dental assistant, took a brief hiatus, and started again in June of 2001 (on the same day as Stephanie) and has been working at this practice ever since. If someone can’t find something, Theda knows where it is. She is the backbone of the practice making sure everything is stocked and ordered on time, knowing where everything is, and keeping up with our client’s personal lives.

Gracie Barnett, R.D.A.

Gracie was born and raised here in Springfield, TN. She loves to travel and has a problematic love for animals. Please do not offer to give her any; she will probably say yes. If she has free time, you can pretty much guarantee that she is spending it with her niece. Our Christmas cards are stamped and labeled entirely by her. Over 2,000 stickers and she happily does it because she finds it “relaxing.”

She graduated from The Volunteer State Community College Dental Assisting Program in August of 2015. She completed her last rotation of clinicals here (this was already her dental office!) and was immediately hired after graduating as Dr. V’s assistant. She is the office jack of all trades. She and Dr. V are the ones that solve any computer problems. All of our current office documents, manuals, and logs were made by her.

Katlin Griggs, R.D.A.

Katlin is the newest and youngest addition to our practice! She is the proud and loving momma of two adorable twin boys, Kaden and Caysen. She was raised in Clarksville, TN and still lives there today. She has eyelashes to make any woman jealous, the sweetest personality, and observational skills to die for. If anyone needs help with something, she starts doing it before being asked.

She graduated from The Dental Staff School of Tennessee in September of 2020. She completed her clinical rotations at the office and fit in so well with everyone that she was hired immediately after graduating. She has been such a bright addition to the office, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.


Stephanie Thomas, R.D.H.

Stephanie grew up in White House, TN and resides there today with her son, Eli, and two greyhound fur-babies. She has a love for traveling and a passion for sweets! She has a knack for conversation and will make your 40 minute cleaning appointment feel like it only took 10 minutes.

She graduated from The Western Kentucky University Dental Hygiene Program in May of 2001. She was hired as Dr. Cherry’s hygienist in June of that same year. (on the same day as Theda!) She has been the office’s sole hygienist up until now. If there is a question about a client, Stephanie knows; she gets to know the clients very well because she sees them on a regular basis.

Sherri Merritt, R.D.H.

Sherri is our office’s part time hygienist. She comes in on the “dental high holidays” to help keep up with patient load and demand for care. She is a resident of Greenbrier, TN and travels to a few different offices in the vicinity to help reduce hygiene loads.

She graduated from The Remington College Dental Hygiene Program in 2015. If you come in for a cleaning on a Friday or when school is out, chances are you get to see Sherri! She is such a big help and a great source of humor for the office. Our clients she has seen have enjoyed her sweet chairside manner and gentle, yet thorough touch.

Office Manager

Lisa Murphy

Lisa is the proud Lili to Beau and mom to Amber and Chelsea. The only thing she can talk to you more about than her grandson is the show Yellowstone! If we have a long weekend off, she and her husband, Richie, are at Land Between the Lakes riding horses and detached from the rest of the world. She and Dr. V are pretty neck and neck in the competition for office clown. If you have a baby that needs watching, she is your woman.

She is the office rock. If anyone needs to be cheered up or vent, Lisa is the one to go to. She makes sure that everyone, co-workers and clients alike, are treated right. She will fight like you have never seen to get insurance companies to pay for services so client’s don’t get an unexpected bill. She takes care of business – literally. Every document, insurance company, payment, invoice, EOB, phone call, fax, and email goes through Lisa. No client enters or exits the building without seeing her,