This list represents just a small sample of the services provided by our dental staff. 


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Dr. Veitschegger works hard to help patients fight the start of decay, but once a cavity has started, it needs to be restored. We have composite (tooth colored), glass ionomer (fluoride releasing), and amalgam (silver) filling materials to accommodate the different needs of each individual and caries type.

Crowns and Bridges

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After a fracture, large cavity, or root canal, a tooth can lose its structural integrity; that’s where a crown comes in. The crown provides a protective covering to the fragile tooth structure. A bridge is two crowns with a fake tooth in the middle to replace a missing tooth.


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Sometime teeth aren’t naturally esthetically pleasing. Whether the problem is in regard to size, crowding, malalignment, or discoloration, veneers will greatly improve esthetics.

Root Canals

If a cavity or a crack infiltrates the nerve space of a tooth, it can cause pain and/or a potentially dangerous infection. The only two options if this happens are to either extract the tooth or do a root canal in order to keep it.

During a root canal, the area is anesthetized, inflamed or dead nerve is removed, the canals are disinfected and sealed so the tooth can continue to be functionally and esthetically pleasing. After a root canal, the structural integrity of the tooth is diminished. A crown is required to protect the remaining tooth structure and allow for normal function.


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Sometimes a tooth isn’t restorable because there isn’t enough tooth structure remaining to support a restoration and the only solution is to get an extraction.  We are experts at delicate, pain-free extractions and can give you great options for tooth replacement in the future!


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If a tooth is gone, or will be gone soon, a dental implant can often be used to create a comfortable, natural-looking replacement. A dental implant is a new, titanium root, held tight by your bone, that supports a crown. They have proven themselves to be a fantastic option to replace missing teeth and to anchor dentures for added stability.


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When a patient is missing several, or all teeth, a denture is an affordable way to replace them for both esthetics and function. A full denture replaces all teeth and a partial denture replaces a few and uses the remaining teeth for structural support.

Cleaning and Gum Maintenance

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Just like how a house can only last with a strong foundation, teeth can only last with strong gums and bones. Our wonderful hygienist, Stephanie, is an expert at cleanings that are both gentle and thorough for routine cleanings as well as more in-depth debridement’s and scaling and root planing procedures.

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