Some Of Our Work

Restoration of collapsed bite

This patient suffered from a collapsed bite that was the result of long term wear. After multiple consultations and restorative appointments, Dr. V beautifully restored these teeth by free-handed application of resin composite.

Gold work

We absolutely love to do gold work! Whether it be on a removable appliance or permanent restoration, we know what to do and are thrilled to have the opportunity to.

Crown perfection

Nothing will demonstrate our goal for perfection more than this case. This crown was sent back to the lab six times in order to get the shade match perfect. We settle for nothing but the best!

glow up!

This is such a feel good transformation, even with the temporary crown. A crown prep, a few composite fillings, and area specific polishing were done in just one appointment to make this amazing transformation!

glo in-office whitening

Within only one hour of chair time, this patient lightened three shades! The GLO material that we use in the office has little-no sensitivity, which is very important to us.

three unit Bridge

After fracturing his lateral incisor, it was determined that there wasn’t enough tooth structure remaining for it to be restored and have a good long-term prognosis. We extracted the fractured tooth, prepared the two neighboring teeth for the bridge, and put temporary crowns on until the final restoration could be seated. The final bridge turned out beautiful and matched his other teeth perfectly!

Full Upper Denture

There is nothing like the proud day that a patient finally gets his or her denture. The entire office is excited to see the final results! It’s no mystery that this patient is absolutely thrilled with his beautiful new smile. Just look at those smile lines!